I stumble across a manga reader website called readsnk.com, while reading manga on it, I experience a minor buggy user experience. for example, when I open the website, it loads all the images simultaneously and not displayed sequentially.

Since the images are not loaded sequentially.. the 30th page can be loaded first then the first page loaded at the end. based on this problem I decided to make a clone of this website.

My approach is to scrape the HTML using HTTP request, modify the HTML by adding native browser lazy loading image, and serve the modified HTML to the…

I’m curious about deploying golang in ubuntu server, since with go you can compile your application with go build main.go and it will create an executable file. so all you need to do to run your app is by calling the compiled app by executing ./main

you can deploy your app using a systemctl services, containerize your app with docker. but is there any easy way to just up and run your golang app in production ? yes.. the step is very easy.. all you need is:

  1. run your app in background.
  2. use nginx to bind your domain to your…

When building a static site with default svelte template, You may be facing some caching issue from the client-side caused by the static bundle name bundle.js generated by default rollup config.

The user might not see the latest update from your app because in general browser will cache all the assets in our site (js, css, etc) in this case when we update our site if we didn't change the bundle javascript filename user need to force refresh our site using command + shift+R, but the problem is not all users know that method.

so what's the solution? we need…

It has been a while since I worked with ruby on rails… for the past couple of years, my main focus programming language is javascript. Node.js in the backend, and React on the frontend. so let’s start how we update our old rails app into the latest Rails app with React.

1. Upgrading Rails

update your rails version inside Gemfile:

gem 'rails', '~> 6.0'

and run bundle update rails

2. Setup Webpacker

In your Gemfile

# Gemfile
gem 'webpacker', '~> 5.x'

then run:

bundle && bundle exec rails webpacker:install

Once your webpacker is setup. you are ready to put the bundle pack, you can say a…

Bagi anda yang sedang mencari cara baru untuk berinvestasi, investasi di pasar modal adalah salah satu solusinya. bagi orang awam (seperti saya) yang minim informasi tentang pasar modal, mungkin tidak tahu bagaimana cara memulai nya. dalam postingan ini saya akan berbagi cerita, pengalaman saya memulai trading saham.

  1. Mencari tahu, Yang pertama kali anda harus lakukan adalah mencari tahu bagaimana pasar modal itu bekerja. klik link berikut untuk mengetahui apa itu pasar modal beserta istilah-istilah yang akan anda sering dengar nantinya.
  2. Simulasi, Mulai lah dengan yang namanya “Paper trading”, paper trading adalah sebuah simulasi trading saham (trading saham bohongan) anda bisa…

Rifki (Kubid) Fauzi

Full-stack developer, Coding Instructor

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